Exciting New Puppet Bundles Coming Soon!

At Maviorb, we are thrilled to announce our upcoming puppet bundles, each meticulously designed for Adobe Character Animator.

upcoming puppet bundles

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store:

Seafloor Parade Bundle:
Dive into the vibrant underwater world with the Seafloor Parade Bundle. Featuring whimsical sea creatures like fish and octopuses, this bundle brings the magic of the ocean to life with colorful, animated puppets perfect for aquatic-themed projects.

Digital Dynamos Bundle:
Explore the future with the Digital Dynamos Bundle. This collection includes high-tech robot characters set in a futuristic digital cityscape, perfect for tech-savvy animations and sci-fi adventures.

Bountiful Bites Bundle:
Celebrate the richness of nature with the Bountiful Bites Bundle. Featuring charming food, fruit, and vegetable characters, this bundle adds a fun and nutritious twist to any project focused on healthy eating and farm-fresh produce.

Global Harmony Bundle:
Embrace cultural diversity with the Global Harmony Bundle. Featuring characters from around the world, including an Indian girl named Anika and more to come, this bundle promotes inclusivity and global unity.

Healing Hands Bundle:
Pay tribute to medical professionals with the Healing Hands Bundle. This collection includes dedicated doctor and nurse characters, set in a serene hospital environment, perfect for healthcare-themed animations and educational content.

Holiday Heroes Bundle:
Bring festive cheer with the Holiday Heroes Bundle. Featuring characters representing various holiday celebrations, this bundle is ideal for creating joyful and spirited animations for any season.

Classroom Champions Bundle:
Celebrate the world of education with the Classroom Champions Bundle. Featuring lively teacher and student characters, this bundle is perfect for school-themed animations and educational projects.

Anime Fantasy Bundle:
Step into an anime-inspired world with the Anime Fantasy Bundle. This collection features vibrant, dynamic characters set in a fantastical landscape, perfect for bringing your anime stories to life.

Enchanted Legends Bundle:
Enter a realm of magic and mystery with the Enchanted Legends Bundle. Featuring mythical creatures and enchanted beings, this bundle is perfect for fantasy-themed projects and storytelling.

Chic and Sleek Bundle:
Experience high fashion with the Chic and Sleek Bundle. Featuring stylish male and female characters, this bundle adds a touch of glamour and elegance to any project focused on fashion and style.

Divine Myths Bundle:
Explore ancient mythology with the Divine Myths Bundle. Featuring Greek gods and goddesses like Zeus, Artemis, and Aphrodite, this bundle brings legendary figures to life for epic storytelling.

Nature’s Friends Bundle:
Celebrate the wonders of wildlife with the Nature’s Friends Bundle. This collection features adorable animal characters, perfect for projects focused on nature, wildlife, and environmental education.

Roadside Heroes Bundle:
Promote road safety with the Roadside Heroes Bundle. This collection features essential traffic safety characters, including a Traffic Cone and a Helmet puppet. Perfect for educational and safety campaigns, these animated puppets bring important road safety messages to life in a fun and engaging way.

Stay tuned for the launch and bring these dynamic characters into your creative projects!

For more information, visit Maviorb Puppet Bundles and subscribe to receive announcements once these are ready!

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